Giovedì, 17 Gennaio 2019

 Since the 2014/2015 season Polimarche Racing Team also boast a Research & Development group.

A group of students, including undergraduate and graduate students, is already at work on our future cars, looking for solutions that can improve the performance of the car and
at the same time innovating and improving those already adopted.

This allows us to work with even more students from different faculties and degree programs, thus to aim for the best in every field and open the way for the future generational change, crucial to stay ahead in the Polytechnic University of Marche's Formula SAE program.

Ideas, experimentation and expertise are our keywords to always be one step ahead.

Year 2016

Vittorio D'Alleva - Vehicle Dinamics Development Director

Luca Girelli - Vehicle Dynamics Development

Alessandro Torresi - Vehicle Dynamics Development

Stefano Santoro - Engine Development

Matteo Farella - Engine Development

Michael Palmieri - Aerodynamics and Simulations Development

Marouane Zarfaoui - Driving Simulator Development Director

Matteo Agostinone - Driving Simulator Development

Goffredo Biondo Dalla Casapiccola - Driving Simulator Development 

Daniele Vesprini - Economics & Business Plan Consultant


Year 2015 

Filippo Mengarelli - Research & Development Manager

Stefano Vallese - Vehicle Dynamics Development

Luca Girelli - Vehicle Dynamics Development

Davide Paolini - Vehicle Dynamics Development

Niko Pelusi - Engine Development

Michael Minnoni - Engine Development

Nicola Forconi - Engine Development

Ilaria Poggetti - Frame and Materials Development

Gianni Scarano - Frame Development

Massimiliano Savoretti - Frame Development

Antonio Cucco - Frame Development

Luca di Pasquale - Aerodynamics and Simulations Development

Goffredo Biondo Dalla Casapiccola - Simulations Development

Alessandro Torresi - Simulations Development

Samuel Ojo - Engineering

Matteo Farella - Engineering

Stefano Santoro - Engineering

Nicola Sabino - Electronics

Fabrizio Ciciulla - Electronics and Engine Development

Luigi Conoscitore - Economics

Massimo Spaccesi - Economics

Giulia Ruffoni - Economics

Stefano Perpetuini - Economics

Giacomo Mancinelli - Economics