What is formula sae ?

Worldwide competition

Formula SAE is a student design competition organized by SAE International. The aim is to project, develop and build a formula style car.

Learning & Development

Formula Sae has allowed the students who took part to apply in a real project all the concepts learned in the classroom and on the books, so as to prepare them in the best way for the impact with the world of work.


Collaboration, dedication and team-work are the essential ingredient to a great car.

Only in FSAE Italy 2018

our last triumph : VARANO 2018

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About us

The career in the world of motor racing of Polimarche Racing Team, Formula SAE team of Università Politecnica delle Marche, began in November 2013. Our team members worked with technical excellence for the realization of our car. The design and the success reached in our very first year with the first prototype, the Peacock One, is an example of our common passion. Using the most advanced engineering tools and the sophisticated equipment of our University and of our Sponsors, our cars have always given the input to strive for excellence in all aspects. With the loyal support of our Sponsors and Technical Partners, we try to push our cars beyond the limit, aiming to be the top among our competitors, developing new and more performant solutions.

Whichever will be the challenges ahead; from the aerodynamics to driver fitness, our resounding answer to them all is that nothing short of the best will do…
 Passion, competence and team spirit made our future engineers a powerful team.

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