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The Italian university system is often criticized for the large gap between the education provided to students and the skills required by companies on the job market. The Formula Student is the project that allows to partially fill this gap.

The formula SAE is proposed by the Society of Engineers to create a meeting point between companies and students and bring benefits to both:

  • help students’ engineering training
  • bring students closer to the world of work
  • develop organizational and collaborative skills in students
  • allow the comparison between companies and students
  • facilitate the recruiting process

“The design and construction of a single-seater racing car that will have to compete internationally requires not only knowledge in the fields of mechanics, electronics, information technology and economics, but also the ability to use them effectively: the acquiring a multidisciplinary mindset is essential for achieving the goal. The team is a complex organism, which must find in itself organizational, project management and human relations management skills: these are just some of the main keys to success. The Formula SAE project is, to all intents and purposes, a real work experience, during which students deal with every aspect: technical, organizational and human. In conclusion, participation in the project allows students to reach, in addition to an excellent technical preparation, a degree of professional maturity well above that which normal university studies allow to reach.”

Prof. Dario Amodio, Faculty Advisor

What are the benefits?

As a sponsor, your company will benefit from direct contact with our students and the university, but also with other companies during the events organized by the team. The company will also have the opportunity to meet students, to introduce them to the company for internships, internships and employment contracts, reducing time and costs associated with the recruiting process. Our kids are ready for the world of work thanks to the knowledge they have of the main software, the methodology they have acquired, the approach they have to problems, the ability to work in a team, meet deadlines and much more.

By establishing a relationship with the team, the company can also take advantage of feedback on products offered or work with appropriate documentation and possibly the possibility of organizing webinars.

A company that has good products or that guarantees a high quality of workmanship, following the excellent experience found, will also be rewarded in the future when the student, now an engineer, will work and choose to get supplies from you.

Last but not least, the company will be able to enjoy visibility at events and trade fairs in which the team takes part, as well as on the team’s social platforms, and the affixing of your logo on the car in relation to the contribution.

  • Links with universities, students and other companies
  • Students ready for the world of work
  • Product feedback
  • Future sales
  • Advertising

How to support us?

For the design, construction and promotion of the car we need companies that support us with their knowledge and experience, but also with software, production capacity, services and financial resources.
There are companies that sponsor only economically, and others directly involved in the production of parts and components.

  • Materials: supply of materials needed for the creation of a car
  • Know-how: licensing, software or consulting providers
  • Processing: companies that carry out mechanical processing and more
  • Financial support: monetary or service sponsorship

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