Polimarche is learn to win!

The Polimarche Racing Team is the racing team of the Polytechnic University of Marche that competes in the international Formula SAE championship. The goal of the competition is to design, build and bring to the track a racing car, evaluated in terms of design, cost and performance during a series of static and dynamic tests.

The Polimarche Racing Team is a group of capable students, it is innovation, adrenaline, learning by doing, but also a group of friends united by passion and a pinch of madness

Formula ATA 2018, Varano de’ Melegari Italy


The team is made up of 70 students, divided into 7 groups, including 5 technicians: Chassis, Aerodynamics, Vehicle Dynamics, Powertrain and Electronics. Then there are the Finance & Marketing department which takes care of the managerial aspects of the team and the Electric Vehicle research and development department which is carrying out technical studies on the power supply and high voltage system to allow the transition to the next electric car.

At the head of each group there is a manager, who has the task of directing and organizing the work of his group, thanks also to the experience gained. In turn, the heads of the departments, together with the Team Manager and Technical Director, make up the Board of Directors, which meets weekly to take stock of the situation and organize the team’s work towards a common goal.

Participation in the project brings to those who participate an important wealth of experience and the opportunity to understand, before graduation, what are the problems, not just technical, that they will encounter in the world of work.